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  The 10 th Of   September was National Suicide   Awareness Day, all of September is suicide awareness month and whilst it's a great opportunity to start conversations around suicide and keep conversations going .  I do believe that is something that we should be talking about all year round in Ireland. According to the National Suicide Research Foundation, suicides have declined ever so slightly, which is encouraging. Of course, hopefully that is down to people learning more about suicide and knowing how to react when they come across someone who is suicidal. However, we're still the 17th highest in Europe and it's still the highest cause of death for males under 25 years of age. So we do still have an issue, especially in our young people. I wanted to take a bit of time, not talk too much about statistics and speak about how to create a conversation with someone. Just by being there and listening and showing that you care can help. Here are a few examples. Choose a