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Summer Vibes With Lows And Highs.

School holidays and summer vibes can be chaos or calm depending on your situation and how you view things.  The summer can also be an opportunity to slow down and unwind and look after your mental health, make new memories, and reconnect. There are many things we can do to reduce summer stress if stress is the overwhelming feeling that occurs so whether it is the kids off school or extra duties covering at work perhaps you have a family holiday planned it is important to recognise the feeling and implement some tools and have a plan. It is important to Try to keep a routine, I know it can be tempting to lay in all the time we all deserve a lay in sometimes, but doing this every day can leave you more tired and so out of routine. We all need a routine albeit it can change and be flexible. Plan activities and don’t forget to meet up with others, connection is key especially when school is out. Kids don’t need to be entertained all of the time meeting up with friends in the park and letti