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  The connection between Sleep and our Wellbeing   Sleep is an essential and necessary part of our daily lives and wellbeing. It is a natural state of rest that is vital for the functioning of our bodies and minds. Getting enough quality sleep is crucial for our overall health and wellbeing. Sleep  is described as a state of reduced mental and physical activity, in which  consciousness  is altered, and  sensory   activity is inhibited to a certain extent. During sleep, there is a decrease in muscle activity, and interactions with the surrounding environment are significantly reduced . I find lack of sleep especially over a few days can impact my daily wellbeing and indeed my ability to function. It also leads me to eating more looking for that sugar hit to get me through the day. It is so important to get the recommended amount of sleep as much as we can.  According to the NHS, On average:   adults  need  7 to 9 hours; children need 9 to 13 hours; toddlers and babies need 12 to