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Happiness Is An Inside Job

Are you familiar with the saying never give the key to your happiness to someone else?  This can be a confusing statement as sometimes we feel others can make us feel happy that being with other people or in certain situations, however, that is because we let it in, and embrace the feeling. Taking responsibility for our happiness is key to creating it and maintaining it too. We are the holders of our thoughts, feelings, and the time and energy we give to people, places, and things. So whether we choose happy, sad, or whatever other emotion we feel it is us that have allowed it and own it. I believe that happiness is an emotional state a feeling of joy, and well-being when you feel gratitude and are mindful of the moment. There are many definitions and a lot to consider, I encourage you to take time to think about what it is that you are doing or what is happening when you feel happy. I sometimes say what is it that you are doing when you lose track of time and do not want it to end thi