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  TIS THE SEASON. This time of year can be so joyful and stressful at the same time. We place expectations on ourselves and others based on the perfect Christmas/Holiday season. As we know striving for perfection can cause so many issues and unnecessary stress and anxiety. Looking after our mental health is essential to reduce the impact this time of year may have                                                                              on us. Recognise that your feelings may be due to a combination of purchase-related factors including money worries, the pressure of last-minute shopping and unrealistic expectations of festive cheer. Remind yourself that many of these negative feelings will pass once the New Year is underway. Or even by the following day. Why do we do this? The reason may be as simple- we are human beings. We are wired to think and feel and believe in something greater than ourselves. what ever that may be. Generosity and goodwill toward all human-beings make