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Speak Up Even When Your Voice Shakes It Is Good For Your Wellbeing

Speak up even when your voice shakes it is good for your wellbeing. In the times we are in and the digital world is a predominant part of our lives it is important to stay true to ourselves. By knowing who we are and owning it we allow for an authentic relationship with ourselves and others. This can be an integral part of our well-being. Learning who you are and speaking up for yourself when it is needed can at times be hard work, daunting even, however what we suppress we repress meaning it goes inwards and that is unhealthy. The body keeps the score There is a fantastic book, the body keeps the score by Bessel A. van der Kolk, I have no affiliation with, it is just a great read and has allowed me and millions of others to understand that by hiding our trauma, challenges, and life experiences, not speaking our truth, keeping emotions thoughts and feelings suppressed has an impact on our physical well-being also. We all experience difficulties in our lives and how we respond has a hug