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Global wellbeing for all

  It was World Mental Health Day on Monday, the 10 th of October. The theme this year is prioritizing mental Health globally.   Global mental health would be an amazing thing to achieve, however this all starts with you. If we all, one by one, start to look after and maintain our mental health and wellbeing, the ripple effect that would have globally would be amazing. I often say to people in conversations and in workshops that self-care is not selfish, it is essential. The world is a different place now than it was Ten,Twenty, maybe Thirty years ago across the generations. And we must adapt in diverse ways to modern technology, new ways of living, new ideas, all of those things. However, maintaining your wellbeing should not change. It should be done daily, consistently, in a way that fits around your life.3 People often ask me what do I do to maintain my wellbeing? So, on a daily basis, at a very basic level, I will do breath work, meditation and gratitude, and I do five minutes